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Aaron reveals his woeful lack of web coding skillz

So as much as I like the default blogger template (it’s not bad, it’s just, well, not great, either), all the other templates that come with my WordPress install range from “tacky” to “OH GOD MY EYES”.  Besides, I’d kind of like to customize the look of my blogs.

So, any good introductions out there to skinning/templating WordPress blogs?  I’m assuming it’s mostly CSS and PHP hackery, so anyone know of any good intros for those?

Speaking of blogs, Fifty-Two Tuesdays is all migrated and is currently settling into its new digs over at .

Go on over there, check it out, and let me know if you have any problems.

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  1. Michael says

    Oh noes, text justification!

  2. Chris Sullins says

    The WordPress site has a much more comprehensive directory of themes.

    If you want your own pretty theme:

    Use the default theme as a reference. Reproduce all the WordPress stuff with the HTML/CSS of your choice. You don’t really need to know php. You need to know WordPress templating.

    – Lots of good web articles on A List Apart. A useful term for searching is “multi-column layouts”.

    – Good intro to CSS at Also has a reference section.

    – CSS reference with lots of pictures at

    – To get a better feel for how CSS interacts with HTML, and to use for debugging your sites, install the Firebug extension for Firefox.

    – Ask me or Aaron Moore for advice.