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How Not to Do Webmail, Part 1

Holy shit.  I spend most of the morning trying to send a file to a client, to no avail.  Each time I try to attach it, it uploads for a LONG time and then suddenly reloads the page without attaching the file.  No error message, nothing.

Turns out the file is .8 megs larger than is allowed by our webmail system.

Seriously, if the user does something that your system doesn’t like TELL THEM WHAT THEY DID WRONG.  Don’t make them guess.

Seriously, how hard is it to add an error message saying “your attachment is too big.”?

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3 Responses

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  1. Meagan says

    Haha. Exactly how many times did you try to send it before discovering that it was just too large? I’m curious 😉

  2. The Tarquin says

    Probably a half dozen times or so.

    In my defense, we’ve had funky server issues in the past, so I just thought this was a new and creative way for our email to act up and that it would start behaving (as it always does) before too long.

  3. Michael says

    Emailing files is pretty gross anyway, there’s a pretty big bloat when its encoded for sending.