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Buzz Aldrin = Genius

I present you with, the Aldrin Cycler.  A way to use primarily use the gravity of Earth and Mars to create cyclic orbiting craft that would essentially function as a ferry service between Earth and Mars:

Aldrin Cycler

Basically, you get a craft of useful size and capacity, boost it onto a certain trajectory towards Mars, and which point it gets flung AROUND Mars by Mars’ gravity and heads back towards Earth.  There it gets snared by Earth’s gravity, flung around earth, and heads back out towards Mars.  All of this includes compensation for the changing orbits of Earth and Mars.

Pretty cool, eh?  The inventor?  None other than astronaut and all-around badass Buzz Aldrin.  To see how it works, check out this simulation over at Damn Interesting.

(Found via Neatorama).

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