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I honestly don’t normally do these things, but . . .

I’m geekily proud of these results.

Name That Code
Created by OnePlusYou

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  1. Chris Sullins says

    Kinda a cool idea, but not a very challenging test. I mean, all the languages (with the exception of the last) were quite common. And one was actually incorrect.

    Vg jnf kugzy, abg ugzy. Bar pubvpr jnf kzy, juvpu vf n fhcrefrg bs kugzy, naq gurersber grpuavpnyyl gur evtug nafjre. Ugzy jbhyqa’g unir frys-pybfrq gur OEf.

    Plus, the quiz script wasn’t written particularly well.

    Even so, nice 100%. I only got 92%, which means I probably shouldn’t be complaining about it.

  2. The Tarquin says


    And how bad is it that I can recognize ROT-13 on sight?

    Is it also bad that I want to learn to read/write it like I do normal text?

    At any rate, you are, sir, perfectly correct.

  3. Chris Sullins says

    Recognizing ROT-13 on sight is good. Being able to read/write it would be absolutely amazing. But yes, probably bad. Like memorizing pi to anything beyond ~10 decimal places.