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Involuntary Charity

Now, I usually don’t fret over-much about money. In fact, it most instances, it would probably do me good to worry a little about it a little more than I do. But there’s nothing quite like forking over a significant chunk of cash to a particularly soulless corporation to really get my goat. Now repeat that process three-fold and, well, Ticketmaster’s not on my good list right now.

Seriously, this year, they only sold Sasquatch three-day passes until March 9th. After that? You have to buy a ticket for each of the three days separately. Now, Ticketmaster sticks it to you with a “Convenience Fee” on each purchase. Three day pass? One “convenience fee”. Three one-day tickets? Three convenience fees. And they don’t scale directly with the price, either, so I just wound up giving TicketMaster a fair chunk of change (something a little over $30 in fees). $30 of my hard-earned money going to involuntary corporate charity.

But here’s the thing that really galls me. Last I checked, TicketMaster ALREADY gets a cut of the ticket cost. They’re skimming on the tickets and then charging the customer for the great good honor of doing business with the Masters of the Tickets. They then refuse to back their tickets with refunds, don’t give anything even resembling “customer service”, and run competition out of the business so effectively that I dare anyone to name a single competitor to TicketMaster and its subsidiaries. If you’re buying tickets to any kind of major gig, it’s either TM or nothing. I mean, it used to be that if you bought them at the venue itself you could actually get them for the list price, but that’s usually not the case anymore, since TicketMaster’s staffing most of the ticket booths these days.

*Sigh* At least I’ve got my tickets, I guess.

(P.S: For those of you capital-C-Capitalists in the audience: yes, I know that I’m entering into a contract and I shouldn’t complain since I agreed to it yadda yadda yadda. Fine. Yes. But I only bought from TicketMaster because there’s no other option. If your only option is a poor deal or to go with out, there’s nothing incongruous about taking the poor deal and bitching about it. But that’s another post for another time.)

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