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Like Russian roulette, only geekier.

So I’m finally upgrading to Windows XP SP2. Now, I’m of the opinion that XP SP 1 was the last decent operating system the Microsoft made. Vista (in all its many variants) sucks in a multitude of ways. SP 2, well, I haven’t ever really used it extensively because the past two times I’ve tried to upgrade, it has broken my computer. Once it broke it as in “none of your applications will work and your sound card is now broken.” The second time it broke as in “booting? Why would you actually want your computer to run?”.

But alas, increasingly there are libraries, software, and features that I need for which SP 1 is, for some bizarre reason, insufficient. So here goes: once again trying to upgrade. If I disappear from the internet, all my geek homies can pour a 40 of Bawls on my proverbial grave and exact bloody revenge from the Microsoft goons who forced me to my upgrade-driven doom.

(P.S: How awesome would it be if they actually did make 40s of Bawls? I don’t think I’d ever sleep again.)

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