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Vista/Crysis first impressions

Installed vista. It’s . . . uh, glitzy. And mostly annoying. The only things I’ve found so far that I like about it are hold-overs from XP. New sound scheme? Annoying. New look? Inoffensive at best. New, muchly-vaunted “features”? So annoying that I immediately turned most of them off. (Who needs a second, analog, freakishly big clock talking up precious screen real estate?)  Opening every link in IE7, despite my default browser being set to Firefox?  Extremely irritating.  Hardware support? Sketchy. It didn’t really like my video card (nVidia 8800GTS). That was annoying, but not a show-stopper, since Vista and the 8800 managed to get along well enough to run Crysis.

And speaking of Crysis. HOLY SHIT! It’s amazing. My mom got it for me for my birthday and I am blown away. I pulled a classic “well, I’ve got an hour before I really need to be in bed; I’ll install it and just see how it is” maneuver. It’s awesome. I was really should have been asleep over three hours ago and I’m just barely able to rip myself away from it.

Story so far is well-put together, if a touch cliche. Voice acting is pretty good. The gameplay is excellent. (It’s a slow-slow-fast-slow kind of shooter: stretches of creeping and planning interspersed with brief, frenetic fire fights. At least for me, since I tend to be not-so-good at the creeping part and always manage to get myself spotted.)

And the graphics. Oh. Dear. LORD. The graphics are fantastic, especially in the rendered movies. But even regular in-game stuff is impressive. The opening scene (in which you’re being dropped onto an island) is absolutely stunning.

In summation: Vista is at best unimpressive. It seems like it a poorly-skinned, slightly broken version of XP. If you can stay with XP, do. (My machine’s set up to dual-boot and I imagine I’ll be using XP for essentially everything.) Crysis, on the other hand, is amazing. I highly recommend it.

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