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*Insert gratuitous Planet of the Apes reference*

Well this is cool. An orangutan has been caught on film spear fishing. This sort of tool use is, apparently, entirely unpresendented in orangutans.

Spear fishing ape

Image: An orangutan attempts to spear a passing fish. (Credit: The Daily Mail)

That’s pretty awesome. Human beings are far from the only tool-using species on the planet, but this, for some reason, strikes me as a very particular sort of tool use. This is the kind of tool use that is intended to solve a very general and pressing problem: “I’m hungry and want to catch something to eat. How do I do that?” And the solution seems, to me, to be a delightfully “human” one: a handy perch and nice, sharp stick.

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  1. Chris Sullins says

    Wait, wait. Are there any non-gratuitous Planet of the Apes references?