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A complete weekend adventure

As the inimitable Becky told me upon my return: “No adventure is complete without a bruise.” Which means that this last weekend in Seattle was, I’m happy to say, complete.

I headed over Friday night to visit my brother Brian and his lovely wife Amy and to pick up some furniture. Saturday, with furniture acquired (aside: why did no one tell me how awesome Ikea actually is?), Brian and I decided to take his new boat out for awhile. After putting our way around and seeing some of the boats that Brian’s done work on, we took it out to Lake Union to open up the throttle a little bit.

We ran into a little bit of chop, but nothing serious. Save for one impressive swell which came out of nowhere. And, well, I was standing up when we hit the swell. Not so much afterward. And I have a fairly impressive (and, from the feel of it, deep) bruise and lump on my right butt cheek, which connected solidly with the metal bar that runs between a couple of the seats. Weekend complete.

All in all, though, a good trip, capped off with a nice day on the water. I’ve got some pictures, which I’ll be putting up on my Flickr page, once I figure out which box I put the data cable for my camera in.

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  1. Heather says

    I TOTALLY told you how awesome Ikea is. Its one of three brands yuppies are allowed to forgive and love despite their knee-jerk anti-corporate instincts. (The others are Apple and Target.)