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Photos Uploaded

Just a heads up that there’s a couple hundred new photos (of varying quality: I uploaded them all sans discrimination and will sort through them when I get a chance) up on my Flickr page.  Topics covered include a trip to the range with my inimitable friend Meagan, Sasquatch! Festival 2008, and a day out on my brother Brian’s new boat.

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  1. Citizen Jane says

    So where are the boat pictures?

  2. The Tarquin says

    They start back at page 10 and go chronologically backwards from there: One of these days I’ll get around to labeling all the photos I uploaded (just over 200) and throwing those in their own collection, but until then, you can use the link above to take you to the page which has the last of the boat photos on it and go back from there.

  3. Citizen Jane says