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New Shooter Report

A few weeks ago, my friend Meagan and her friend Diana were up for the annual Sasquatch! Music Festival. (Which, by the way, was as amazing as ever.) We got back to Spokane afterwards and Meagan had an extra day to hang out. It’s a pity she only had a day, since a mere 24 hours is not enough time to get the full Spokane experience. But after a brief debate over what we wanted to do (Me: “Well, if you wanted, we could go to the range.” Her: “Okay!”) we grabbed eyes, ears, ammo, and guns and (after the obligatory safety lecture and mechanics lesson) headed off to Sharpshooter’s.

Turns out Meagan had never fired a gun before. Which is a bit of a pity, since she turned out to be a complete natural. I’ve had the pleasure now of introducing a half dozen people to shooting sports and she is by FAR the most capable of all the new shooters I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Case in point (photo only shows 6 rounds, but 9 of 10 fired were on the target):

50ft Target

Picture: Target, 10 rounds. 50ft. CZ-75 SP01 (9mm)

She got a chance to try my CZ-75 and my Marlin model 60. She definitely seemed to enjoy shooting both and did a fantastic job with them. She had no flinch to speak of. Well, that is to say, she didn’t have any when she wasn’t catching hot brass down her cleavage. (Note to self: next time with a female shooter, recommend high-collared shirts.) I will say, however, that she handled the hot-case-down-the-shirt situation admirably. Without being even having to be told, she display excellent muzzle control and guncraft. Finger went off the trigger and the muzzle stayed firmly downrange while she gyrated and picked at her shirt to get the case out.

Which was really sort of a theme for the afternoon; Meagan turned out to be a real natural. By the end of the afternoon, after having started at about 10 feet, we’d rolled the targets all the way out to the end of the 50ft lane and she was still putting the shots right where she wanted them more often then not.

Image: The high-visibility targets I bought took QUITE a beating.

A safe, fun time was had by all. Meagan seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself and she shot quite well. I hope to get the chance to take her out again some day. (Unfortunately, her prospects as a shooter are somewhat limited by her current state of residence. Meagan was up visiting from California. And with gun laws like those, I imagine getting into shooting sports in any serious sort of way must be significantly more difficult.)

Meagan on the Range

Image: Shooting Sports get two thumbs up from an awesome new shooter.

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  1. Meagan says

    Ah, flattery, Mr. Brown, flattery. I wouldn’t have done quite so well if you hadn’t been my firearms instructor. It was a blast! I hope to go again when I next visit and I’ll wear a proper t-shirt. 🙂