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Magic Code

Okay, so I absolutely hate Magic Code. That is, to say, code that either fixes or breaks a project, module, etc. with no real reason. For instance:

//fLog is a FILE opened elsewhere using a call to fopen


} The code above is a somewhat redacted version something I was working on the other day. As it’s displayed there, DoStuff() will execute. This means that fLog opened fine. If, on the other hand, I comment out the printf statement in the else case, DoStuff() fails to execute, because fLog doesn’t open. In short: commenting out a debugging printf in an else case causes the call to fopen to fail. Why? I have NO IDEA. As a result the following line now mars my code:

printf("%i\n", GetLastError());  //Magic code

And I it drives me insane. The module’s working. It’s been unit tested and it works perfectly every time. Unless I remove one little printf statement. A printf statement which never fires. A printf which falls in an else block after the line which it “fixes”. A printf which shouldn’t have, nay, CAN’T have any effect whatsoever on the line in question. And yet if I remove said printf, the call to fopen fails and the whole module breaks. Inexplicable. Infuriating. Magic code.

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  1. Andrew says

    That’s just creepy.

  2. Chris Sullins says

    I hate it when things like that happen. The other day I added a line of code to my upload page, and when I tested the change, it had broken the page. So I removed it. And it was still broken. Very confusing.

  3. Citizen Jane says

    Also speaks English and Spanish.

  4. The Tarquin says

    Chris: I’ve had things like that happen. Once in my Data Communications class, I had a program that just WASN’T working. It was compiling but breaking inexplicably. I traced down the exact line the problem was occuring on and, after struggling with it for several hours, I reverted it back to the original line that I’d had there before.

    It magically started working.

  5. Zea says

    Well written article.

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