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Can’t Silence a Revolver: Myth Busted!

Sorry, couldn’t resist the Myth Busters reference. Anywho: take a look at this slick video of a guy shooting a sealing-breach 1895 Nagant Revolver with a silencer.

Yes, it does in fact silence the gun. With conventional revolvers this isn’t possible. The gas escaping out of the gap between the cylinder and the barrel will still have a significant report. The Nagant can only be silenced because of an amazingly clever mechanism by which the cylinder, cartridge, and barrel conspire to make a totally enclosed breech. Pretty cool stuff.

Video: Silenced 1895 Nagant revolver.

It’s interesting to me that here in the States we have our own pantheon of firearms innovators.  Samuel Colt, Christian Sharps, John Moses Browning, et al.  But we don’t much hear about all the amazing innovators and innovations abroad.  I mean, the above is a product of the Nagant brothers, originally of Belgium, and it’s a brilliant design.  Mikhail Kalashnikov is the father of the assault rifle in the same way that Browning is the father of the semi-auto pistol.

Not to denigrate the works of domestic firearms designers, but I just think it’s interesting that the revolutions in firearms design abroad are so often either ignored or adopted quietly and that their designers so seldom get the credit they deserve here in the States.  My Sig 556 uses a gas-piston system which is, in concept, identical to the one which Kalashnikov invented for the AK-47 and yet I’ve met many people who treat the notion with a “gee what will they think of next” sense of novelty.

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