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Lightweight Audio Player for Windows

So for part of my working day I’m tied to an ancient, under-powered laptop which isn’t THAT much more powerful than the handheld devices I develop for.  This poor old machine is decrepit enough that running WinAmp and a basic development environment at the same time is a MAJOR CHORE.  (Enough so that WinAmp, a DevEnv and Firefox at the same time is right out of the question.)  So out of curiosity, I consulted Google for a lightweight Windows audio player so that I can play CDs and still do my job effective.

It turned up foobar2000.  If you’re in need of such a program, I highly recommend it.  Small, free (as in beer), extensible, and in its basic configuration uses up next to know resources.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to cut code, consult firefox, AND listen to CDs, all at the same time…

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