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Rare Earth Makes Aaron a Sad Panda

Looks like Earth-like planets may be the extreme exception to the rule after all, if new simulations of star system formation are to be believed.

I know that science is all about rational progress and embracing the best theory available to fit observed evidence, but man, I’m really hoping the Rare Earth Hypothesis is wrong.  Both because aliens are cool and because if we can’t SOME day get off this rock to another habitable world, then our species is well-screwed.

On the plus side, the Tau Zero Foundation finally has their website up and it’s a swanky one.  (Also: a .aero TLD?  Who knew?  I certainly didn’t…)  So, you know, if we ever do find any places in the galaxy interesting enough for an up-close visit, there are some smart people already laying the groundwork for getting us there.

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