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Excuses, etc.

Sorry that blogging’s been light (read: non-existent) at both my online stomping grounds. Work was pretty intense all last week and then I had the first weekend to myself in ages. And as is often the case with such things, I had a chance to recreate for a few days, so I recreated the HELL out of the weekend. I spent about 9 hours all told on Saturday curled up on the couch with cat, beer, pizza, and Civilization: Revolution.

I also hit up the range with the lovely Becky Paul to put a couple of boxes of Bulgarian Military Surplus ammo through my Mosin-Nagant 91/30. It’s amazing that, after 70 years, it still shoots beautifully. With the regular iron sights I was able to reliably tag a 6 inch target at 50 yards (which is pretty good for me.) Becky did well with it, too, which didn’t surprise me in the slightest, but did cause a bit of shock on the part of the range officer. (“You’re not gonna let her shoot that big ol’ thing are you?” Answer: “Of course I am. She’s more hardcore than I am. I have a bum shoulder and whinge like a little wussy about what the mean ol’ boomstick does to it; I’m surprised SHE lets ME shoot it.”)

Oh, and I suppose I should formally introduce the blog to the latest addition of the household. My excuse: she didn’t have a name until yesterday, and one can’t well make introductions when one party lacks a moniker. So, without further ado:

Asterisk, this is the blog; blog this is Asterisk. (Sorry for the camera phone picture – I’ve once again mislaid the cord to my good camera.) She was apparently abandoned when her last family moved away and left her in the empty house. The realtor found her a few days later shut up in the house and called the humane society, who arranged for her to be put up for adoption at PetSmart, where we found her. Once she settled in, she took to Kenlyn and I pretty well. She’s also taken quite a fondness to a little stuffed hedgehog that I’ve had for ages. She carries it around in her mouth, bats it around the kitchen, chases it when it’s thrown/kicked, etc.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print, for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog a little more reliably in near future.

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  1. Chris Sullins says

    I’ll let you know when Sarah gets her Asterisk pics up on Flickr.