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Excuses and such

Blogging’s been light.  Blame work and thesis.

Also: Tropic Thunder wasn’t all that great.  It had its moments, but overall it could have been better.  Honestly, it would have been a LOT better without Jack Black or Tom Cruise.

So Tropic Thunder was kind of moderate fail, but here’s some epic win:  You know that NanoSail-D project that was lost on board the SpaceX FalconThere’s a spare!  That’s brilliant news, since I’m just geek enough to think that alternate space propulsion systems is one of the most important projects going at the moment.  And considering that projects like NanoSail are the leading edge of that project, it’s good to hear that the whole thing wasn’t lost.  As Paul Gilster quotes from the movie Contact: “Why build one when you can build two for twice the price?”

So yeah, basically corporate-sector Astronautics and solar sails FTW!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to crash: turns out the 8:30am meeting I had to go to last week is going to be a weekly thing…

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  1. Ann says

    I thought Tropic Thunder was great, in opposition to almost every other Ben Stiller movie EVER. It works as both poo-comedy and corporate satire with equal wit (the rant about actors going “full retard”? Oh, dear god, I’ve been waiting years to hear that from someone. Be as offended as you want by the specific terminology. The point is exquisite. You were subjected to I am Sam, right?)

    I guess the big thing for me was that unlike other Ben Stiller movies, you actually come to care about the characters. He’s not just setting these patsies up to be knocked down. I don’t know. Maybe he’s learning something from having Judd Apatow kick his ass around at the box office… making absurd but altogether HUMAN characters is a boon to effective comedy.

    Just a few thoughts.

    And Tom Cruise scared me.

  2. The Tarquin says

    Okay, perhaps I was a bit harsh on the film. You are correct in that it’s got some great satirical parts. In fact, I think that, upon reflection, that’s why I objected to Jack Black and Tom Cruise’s characters: they felt like they were put in to play to the lowbrow. As if the rest of the movie actually had some interesting, subtle, satirical wit, so they felt that they had to thrown in fart jokes and vulgar insanity to make it fly.

    Really, I guess what bugged me is that Stiller was SO close to making a clever satire, but he ruined it by underestimating his audience.