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Hooray for Hacking!

Here’s a slick machining hack to get around the (much lamented) shortage of .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO ammunition shortages: make your own bullets from .22LR cases and lead wire.  Now I’m a little skittish to try this myself (as tempting as it may be, since I have a beautiful Sig 556 which I haven’t taken to the range in far too long), but that’s mainly because I don’t trust my handloading skills enough to try something like this.

Still, I may show this to my dad (a cartridge collector and handloader extraordinaire) next I’m down his direction and ask if he thinks it’d be feasible to set myself up for it.

Of course, it doesn’t look like the .223 shortage will be getting better anytime soon.  And even if it did, there’s still high ammo prices to deal with.  Copper’s hovering at right around $3/lb according to COMEX, up from less than a $1 a few years ago.  Lead’s up by a similar factor.  For those of us who are morally opposed to running Eastern Block steel-cased, magnet-attracting ammo through our rifles, it means that a day at the range can be kind of a pricey proposition.

But hey, it least it means I’m getting PLENTY of trigger time on my trusty old Mosin 91/30.  Nothing like half-century-old Bulgarian Mil-Surp ammo to make for (comparitively) cheap shooting.

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