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Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Jewel-Encrusted Curtain

Pope Benedict XVI recently came out and claimed that “he who builds only on visible and tangible things like success, career and money builds the house of his life on sand.” He also said that only works of God have “solid reality.”

Let me put that another way.  A man who lives in a palace, on what amounts to a 110 acre urban estate, and surrounded by opulence that would make Saudi princes blush had the temerity to say that money sucks and we should all focus ourselves on God.  He leads a religion that claims to denounce conspicuous wealth, and yet his holdings made him over $8,000,000 in the 2000 fiscal year and lives surrounded by the finest amenities life has to offer.

Well I say, you first, Mr. Ratzinger.  If “only God’s word is solid reality”, why don’t you just go ahead and throw open the doors of your palace to Italy’s homeless?  Or sell off your jewels and trappings to feed the starving?  How about tearing down St. Peter’s Basilica and replacing it with shelter for the world’s needy?

Or you could just keep up with your Janus-faced ways and try not be surprised when the rest of the world sees you for the wealth-bestrewn hypocrite you are.  As far as I’m concerned it’s win-win.

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  1. The Tarquin says

    Man, if only he’d gotten into larceny a few hundred years earlier when the Church was still selling get out of sin free cardsplenary indulgences. I mean, as far as indulgences go, that’s “uh, father, I murdered a bevvy of small children” kind of money.

    But seriously, it’s amazing how often people guilty of crime, sometimes serious ones, try to absolve themselves through the mere fact of religion. As in “sure I robbed all those liqour stores, but I’m a change man, now; I’ve found JEEEESUS”. I guess it’s no different with white collar crime.