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First Rounds

For some weeks, my good friends Trevor and Molly have been talking about getting a gun or two.  They’re newlyweds and have been thinking that having a gun for home protection might not be a bad idea.  Trevor decided that, for his part, he really wanted a shotgun, which for home defense is a superb choice.  Molly’s looking into something more in the handgun area, but in the meantime, Trevor decided that a scatter gun was in his future. So today, we met up at the White Elephant (a local sporting-goods/toy store) and, after I explained the principles between the different sorts of shotguns, we slung a few around to see if there were any he liked the feel of.

Finding the selection somewhat lacking, we shuffled our way a few blocks up the street to ARC, Inc.  Now ARC is by far and away my favorite gunstore in town.  It’s the local EBR/”Exotics” store, and it’s not unusual to find the walls adorned with AR-15s, M4geries, AKs, grenade launchers, etc.  (They’re also the best place in Eastern Washington to get a silencer, if you’re in the market.)  So it’s pretty hit-or-miss, and so I wasn’t expecting to find anything that was quite what Trevor was looking for. Fortunately, I was wrong.  In a place of honor on the wall they had a brand new Mossberg 590, with a full-length (7 round) tubular magazine and all-black furniture.  Trevor gave it a look, gave it a heft, and was sold.  After filling out the paper work and waiting for the ATF call-in, we through the gun and a couple of boxes of slugs into his car and off we went to the Spokane Rifle Club.

All I can say is: I suddenly regret that moritorium I put on buying any more guns for awhile.  After putting some hefty 73 caliber slugs down range, I suddenly got a huge itch for a smooth bore.  I don’t own any shotguns, and Trevor’s Mossberg convinced me in about 7 rounds that I’m pretty sure I need one. As for Trevor?  He’s extremely happy with his investment:

Trevor with his Mossberg 590

Within two boxes, all of Trevor’s slugs were landing within bad-guy-of-angle (the only really meaningful goal for a defensive gun) at 15 yards.  Next step for him?  The Defensive Shotgun course over at Sharpshooters. One more responsible, armed, (soon to be very well-trained) American citizen.

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