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State Elections Are Win!

Washington State Elections turned out WAY better than I hoped.  Randy Dorn wins Superintendent of Public Instruction, which is a victory for education.  Rob McKenna wins Attorney General, which is a victory for personal rights.  Cathy McMorris Rodgers gets re-elected which is a win for energy policy and the energy economy of Eastern Washington.  Chris Gregoire gets re-elected to the governorship (and by a kvetch-proof margin this time, THANK GOD), which is a vote for hands-off governance.  (Some might say that’s a bug; I say it’s a feature.)

Even on the local level, Todd Mielke won, which should mean someone with a keen grasp of local economics in a position to help make some positive changes in the local economy.

Honestly, I don’t think I could have asked for a better outcome in local elections.

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