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SpyWare.ISpyNow follow up

Okay, so I hopped on my parents’ Vista box last night, and kept getting plagued by these Windows Security popups regarding Spyware.ISpyNow.  Clicking on the only available button (labeled “Protect” or somesuch) simply bounced me to a glitzy page for purchasing an anti-spyware product I’d never heard of.

It is my official policy a.) never to buy a product off of a site I didn’t navigate to on my own and b.) never pay for a product when I can do the same thing on my own.  Good policies, I think, since I’m not pretty sure that putting my CC# into that site is exactly what the spyware folks were hoping for.

Googling the issue turned up nothing but a bunch of people experiencing the same problem, but with no solution.  The one post that seemed promising said that they’d tracked the alerts to an executable called dvvm.exe, which resided in the Google AppsData folder.  I found the executable and a seemingly related .dll, but couldn’t delete either of them, because something had a lock on them.

I first went and grabbed WhoLockMe, but it turns out that it doesn’t work with Vista.

I then stumbled upon the Unlocker utility mentioned in the previous post, and after some cajoling (it couldn’t see whatever process was locking the two files), I found its “delete on restart” functionality, selected yes, and rebooted.

Files are gone, as are the popups.

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  1. Tim says

    Hi I just wanted to mention since the situation when google searching this issue is about the same as it was in your first post, that a less downloady method of resolving this problem is to click the start button, type windows defender, along the top click on tools, click on software explorer and then in the list of startup programs scroll down until you locate the entry for dvvm.exe. Select and remove it. This will prevent the process from loading, and after a reboot you can simply delete it. I am sure an update for defender will resolve this fairly quickly though as it does not seem to be a very nefarious ware.

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