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Not Dead, Yet

Okay, so sorry posting’s been so light.  Life was crazy, then I was working on a post, then life was crazy, and then Dreamhost was on the fritz.  So I have a couple of posts in the works.

In the meantime, here’s the new best thing I’ve discovered on the internet in ages.  (Includes vulgar language and occasional soda-out-nose levels of funny.)

Also a few bits of news I’ve been meaning to comment on, but haven’t had a chance.

So the Lon Horiuchi/H-S Precision thing.  I’m just kind of impressed how short-sighted and stupid the company was in this case.  How can you be a firearms manufacturer and just not know that most gunnies have a raging hate-on for Horiuchi?

For non-gunnies in the audience, Lon Horiuchi was the man who shot and killed Vicky Weaver (unarmed and holding her 10-month-old child at the time) at Ruby Ridge.  He was, at best, criminally wreckless.  At worst he’s an out-and-out murderer.  I mean, it’s detestable that H-S Precision would use Horiuchi’s testimonial, but aside from that it’s just so impressively stupid.  I almost want to applaud them for exploring new and interesting ways to be ignorant douchebags.  I mean, it’s truly ground-breaking work in the area of tacky numbskullery.

In other depressing news (and this is the topic of a long and getting longer follow-up post to this one here): a teenager was shot by Greek cops, there was (and still is) rioting, and now Europe’s on fire.

In African news, Mugabe is still an evil, ignorant asshole.

On a more interesting and less horrible note, scientists have found a whole mess of new kinds of critters in the Mekong.  Of course yet another species of spider “the size of a dinner plate” is EXACTLY what my nightmares needed…

In personal news, my new job is going fantastically well.  I finally got around to selling out and taking a salaried position, and it was a great decision.  For the first time in my professional career I like the people I work with and the work that I do.  I actually don’t mind going to work anymore!

Thesis is coming along.  Comps aren’t yet, but since I’m not allowed to take paid time off for another couple of months, I have a built-in excuse for not taking them yet.

That’s about the news.  Like I said, I have a few posts started on various topics.  If I haven’t lost all my readers, please stick around and watch this space and, work and motivation willing, I’ll get those up in the next few days.

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  1. The one and only Meagan says

    I’m sad there wasn’t a photo of the spider, Mr. Brown. Tear! I’m glad you’re loving your job though. 🙂