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Irony? Don’t mind if I do…

So you know how in the previous post on this blog, I said I was going to blog more.  And then I took a random, month-and-a-half hiatus?  Uh, yeah, those were good times.

A few things I just wanted to drop in and post about…

1.) Heather West (who is comprised entirely of pure awesome) figured out that Senators had about one minute for every billion dollars to read and consider the most recent stimulus bill before they passed it.

2.) Interesting article on the BBC website attributing Britain’s victory over the Spanish to the use of standardized munitions.

3.) I want an FNP-45 so bad it hurts.

4.) I’ve been watching Bones recently and I’m stupid addicted to it.  It’s basically CSI, but with good writing and compelling characters.

5.) Thesis continues apace.  55-ish pages after cuts and what I have, I am quite happy with.  Unfortunately my advisor mentioned an off-hand idea to me the other day which totally fascinated me and has me nose-down in research, rather than writing.  Still, it’ll make for a stronger finished product.

And now, I’m off to No Excuses Thursday.

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  1. Heather West says

    If I’m composed of pure awesome, shouldn’t I glow like the Watchmen dude? 🙂

  2. Citizen Jane says

    If you think the TV show is addictive, you should read the books by Kathy Reichs that “Bones” is based on. Betcha can’t read just one! (Remember the book I bought in England and read for 8 or 10 hours until it was done? I rest my case.)

  3. The Tarquin says

    Heather: I think you may be confusing “Awesome” with “Plutonium”. A common mistake, really.

    CJ: I would love to, but at the moment I don’t have time to read anything other than thesis materials. :-/