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Lessons Learned

Brain’s fried tonight, so here’s a brief list of things I’ve learned recently:

1.) When shooting unopened pop cans with a Mosin, they actually do make a more impressive burst if you shake them up first. I would have thought that the added pressure would be negligible compared to the pressure created by a .30 caliber rifle round ripping through it, but there’s a noticeable difference.

2.) Shooting clays is a hell of a lot of fun. Difficult, but fun. We were using a little plastic hand-thrower and so they were pretty slow moving. I’d say I probably hit half of them.

3.) Some bored math and Googling lead me to figure out a surprising and somewhat morbid fact. If you were to take all the blood of all the human beings on the planet, and pool it in one place, it wouldn’t even fill a modestly sized lake. (By volume it works out to about 40,800,000,000 liters, or 33,077.1 acre feet.  There are many lakes in the Spokane area  that contain more volume than that.  Deer Lake, a little ways north of here, is only moderately sized, and yet even it is about 57,000 acre feet in volume.  Coeur d’Alene Lake, just across the border in Idaho, is a sizeable 3,000,000 acre feet.  That means that you’d have to disanguinate the population of the planet 90 times over in order to fill it.

Interesting, eh?  When I thought of the question of how much human blood was on the planet, I rather expected there to be a lot more of it.

4.) Speaking of, I never before knew that large bodies of water in the US are measured in acre feet.

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