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Things I Learned at the Range Today

0.) When I focus on fundamentals (stance, grip, sight picture, trigger control) the bullets go right where I mean them to.  This is neither the first nor, I imagine, the last time I’ll relearn this lesson.

1.) Clothes that are good for concealment can be decidedly ungood for working with a competition rig.  My baggy t-shirt kept snagging my mags and getting between my gun and my holster.

2.) The double action to single action transition on my CZ-75 that I thought I was never going to get used to?  It helps to practice it.  Helps a lot.  As in, I no longer recall why it bugged me in the first place.

3.) Firearm + lots of ammo run through it – time to cool down = SOME PARTS ARE HOT!  EXERCISE CAUTION!  (Doubt it will blister, hopefully my finger will forgive me.  Again, this is not the first and likely not the last time I’ll learn this lesson.)

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