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On Iran

I have a couple of political posts I’ve been working on that I was planning to finish tonight, but they seem petty and small in scope in light of what’s going in Iran right now.  People are standing up and demanding that their freedom be acknowledged and that their will as citizens of a nation be done.

For their courage and conviction, they are being beaten, intimidated, corralled, and even killed.

This is important, and I believe the we, all of us, should stand up and take notice.  Tyranny is real.  It exists in the world, and if we don’t do everything to combat it here and now, then all it does is let tyrants know that they can have their way.  Appeasement will not work.  Inaction will not work.

Spread the word.  Don’t let these brutal attacks go unnoticed.  We’re a long way away, and there’s not much we can do, but we must do everything in our power.

Ahmadinejad and Khomeini are tyrants.  They are murderers.  Never forget that.

At the moment, Twitter is one of the few major outlets that a lot of Iranians have to communicate.  For more news including some eyewitness reports and pictures from Tehran and the rest of Iran, check out #IranElections on Twitter.

At the risk of sending this post over into full-on melodrama territory, I paraphrase Pastor Niemöller: “First tyranny occured in Iran, but I said nothing, because I was not Iranian.”  Let’s not go down that path.

Updated: Just wanted to also give props to Twitter and their hosting provider NTT America for delaying maintenance work to keep Twitter available for Iranian protesters.  At this point it’s the only communication with the outside world that a lot of them have.

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