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How’s That Gun Control Working Out For You?

As usual, the answer is “Not Well”.  Kevin Baker has a great post highlighting the fact that recently released crime statistics show the UK has more the four times the violent crime rate of the US.  It’s almost as if passing gun control legislation doesn’t prevent people from commiting crimes.

But that’s okay.  Because once every kitchen in the UK is equipped with Stab-Proof Knives, I’m sure those numbers will go down.  Er, well, except for the simple assaults.  For those someone will have to invent punch-proof fists.

I’m sure they’re hard at work on it.

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2 Responses

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  1. Meagan says

    It may be stab-proof but it certainly doesn’t look slice-proof. Ok, now I want to try to stab someone with one just to test it out. :-p

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