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WordPress Upgraded

Just upgraded the WordPress installs on the blogs to the latest and greatest. Let me know in comments if it gives you any issues.

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  1. Melatonin Side Effects  says

    i really hate politics because politicians most of the time makes BS decisions:-.

  2. Body Detox  says

    it does not matter what religion you have, just do good things on this world”.,

  3. Backup Software : says

    sometimes, politics does not make sense at all. politicians make the wrong decision just for the sake of good politics-~-

  4. Matthew Clark says

    Politics is of course very annoying, politicians do annoy me because of their bad performance :`’

  5. Bariatric Surgery says

    what matters most is the good deeds that we do on our fellow men, it does not matter what religion you have as long as you do good stuffs *’-