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Weather ADD

One of those strange icebreakers that seems to come up reasonably often in casual conversation is “what’s your favorite season?”  The question used to always perplex me.  It seemed odd to me that people would be able to pick a favorite season.  It seemed on par with asking “what’s your favorite survival necessity: food, water, air, or shelter?”

A few years ago, in one of those rare flashes of self-centered epiphany, I realized that my favorite season is, generally speaking, whichever one follows the season we’re currently in.  Every time the seasons roll over, I have about 2 to 3 weeks of ebulient joy about the change of the weather and the unique pleasures of the new season.  But then I quickly get to romanticizing the next season in the cycle and nervously anticipating it.

At the moment, Fall can’t come fast enough.  Here in the Inland Northwest, it’s been taunting us for about two weeks.  We’ve had a few short runs of brisk, autumnal weather, intermixed with warm, muggy, decidedly late-summer days.  The leaves started changing a week or so ago, but they’ve been doing so at a maddeningly slow pace.  All in all, there’s been just enough Fall in the air to whet my appetite.  Fall truly can’t come soon enough.

And yet, a month or so from now, I’ll probably well and thoroughly sick of fall.  I’ll be done with leaves everywhere and the cool-but-not-cold weather and the way the Autumn light in these parts seems to cling to things like a visual miasma.  I’ll be ready for long nights with a book by the heater and snow gently falling outside and etc.  I’ll then spend the next two months anxiously pining for Winter, right up until it arrives and the cycle starts over again with a month of enjoyment followed by two months of impatient waiting for Spring.

Basically, I have seasonal ADD.  I’m enamored with a season’s climatic charms just long enough to really enjoy it for a few weeks, and then I’m done and bored with it and ready for the next one.

So what season is my favorite?  Generally the one that’s just on its way.

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  1. Chris Sullins says

    I know exactly what you mean, although I think there may be some imbalance in just how happy I get with some seasons. Fall in particular. Still, even fog and rain and colorful wet leaves would get old after a while.