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Local Politics Wonkery

I’ll be headed to bed before long, but I just wanted to give some highlights of the elections statewide and here in Spokane.  Since Washington does everything by mail-in ballot these days, it’ll be a little while yet before we get the total results.  Doubly so since a lot of people wait until the last minute to vote.  So far, though, it looks like we have about 83,000 ballots received in Spokane County, with about half of those counted.  Statewide, it looks like there are just over 1,000,000 ballots counted, with about 340,000 left to count.1

I’m personally pretty happy with the election results.  The speciously-named “Community Bill of Rights” (Prop 4) is currently going down in flames with 75% of the vote against.  The fire coverage levy is passing with a healthy margin. ($15/person over next 5 years for more modern fire equipment and better fire coverage?  Okay, yeah, even I’ll go for that.)  The only council race about which I was particularly worked up (Jon Snyder seems like a genuinely good candidate) is so far going the way I want it to, but with a narrower margin (4 points) than I’d like.

Broadening the scope a bit, the state elections are mixed.  Referendum 71 looks like it’s on the road to getting approved, narrowly.  Spokanites voted against it (no shock there), but the West-siders might be carrying it.  As much as I normally bristle at West-Side hegemony in state politics, it’s working in my preference in that case.  As of right now, R71 is up by a razor’s edge margin, but not so thin of one as to allow legal squawking.

The well-intended, but short-sighted Initiative 1033, (created by none other than Horse’s Ass Tim Eyman) is being rejected by an unanswerable 11-point spread.  Sorry Tim, I like the idea in theory, but it’s a thin solution to a thick problem.

So that’s how it looks on election night.  Like I said, the numbers may change in the next few days, but I’d be surprised if any of the major local or state races flipped between now and then.  I’m hoping that the margin on R71 grows as more ballots are counted across the state.  Other than that, it looks like things look good locally, and mixed-but-positive at the State level.

1 These numbers and all subsequent results are gathered from the WA Secretary of State’s website. State results here. Spokane county results here.

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