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A Request

Please take a moment this evening to observe Veterans Day, Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day, whichever you prefer.  On this day, 91 years ago, the Armistice ending World War I was signed at Compiègne, in Northern France.  The death toll for the war ended up being about 16 million, with over 20 million more wounded.  It was a conflict the shear horror of which I, for one, have a hard time wrapping my mind around.  And in a way, I’m glad of that fact.  I have no desire to have lived the sort of life that allows one to truly understand the scope of that much human misery.

And while the day is chosen as a marker of the end of one war, please do spare a thought for the veterans and victims of all the conflicts of which we’ve been a part.  America’s veterans have fought conflicts that brought freedom and security to millions.  They’ve fought conflicts that served only as meat grinders for the young and courageous.  They’ve fought conflicts conceived on faulty logic and erroneous information and executed as the worst sort of political stunt.  But when asked, they have always stood up and fought, and they’ve done so with determination, skill, and valor.

So please, if you’re an American, please spare a thought for the US Service-men and -women who have fought, many laying down their lives, the conflicts that we, as a nation, have asked them to fight.  And remember always that we are a democracy.  When our government asks them to fight, it is We the People who are asking them to fight.  And we ought always be grateful that they do.

Thank you to all American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.  Past, Present, and Future.

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