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Kvetching, Etc.

Sorry for the light (non-existent) posting this past week.  And after I was doing so well there for awhile.  As tired as the excuse is, I’m going to have to blame work again.  The release schedule from now until the end of the year is utterly insane.  So much so, in fact, that after a full year of saying that vacation time absolutely, positively DOES NOT roll over, we’re being allowed to roll over our vacation time.  Why?  Well, no one on my team could plausible take time off between now and mid-January without seriously buggering the schedules of one or more projects.  Things are so tight that pretty much every hour of every day is taken, sometimes by more than one project.

But the work is paying off.  My new client release is chugging along slowly but surely.  It’s been plagued with environmental issues and a myriad of mystery bugs that exist only on the client’s side of the fence.  Still, we’re forging ahead and should be releasing on time.  It’ll be close, but it’ll be there.

Of course all of this has left me not much time for anything else.  I’m prepping for comps, which is slow-going.  I need to bother my thesis adviser about a draft I sent him a few weeks ago and haven’t heard back on.  But all in all, things are coming together.  I have hopes that I’ll be done in May.

So alas, not much time for blogging.  (Of course, it also doesn’t help that Left 4 Dead 2 and Dragon Age have been using up what scant free time I have.  They’ve both got their hooks in me pretty deep and when I can spare an hour, it usually goes to one of the two of them.)  Hopefully I’ll be able to limp things along until the end of the year when work calms down.  That is, assuming it does.  Work has a nasty way of looking like it will settle down and just not ever actually doing so.

I’ll try to have some actual content up in the near future.  In the meantime, though, it’s back to comps practice questions for me.

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