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Internet Survival 101…

…as taught by the inimitable Merlin Mann:

A short course on surviving the web:

  1. Everything’s amplified. Except subtlety.
  2. Say things you believe are true.
  3. No one understands; no one cares.
  4. Never explain yourself.
  5. Apologize less; think more.
  6. Avatars aren’t people; people aren’t avatars; “friends” aren’t friends.
  7. Everyone thinks you’re talking to them. Seriously.
  8. Distinguish attacks against people from attacks against one person.
  9. Assume everyone is alone, drunk, and a little heavier than they’d like.
  10. Never argue in public. Fucking never.
  11. When in doubt, take it offline.
  12. Filter, filter.
  13. Embrace “hypocrisy.” It drives critics crazy.
  14. Remember who your (real) friends are.
  15. Remember who you are.
  16. Remember you can always stop. Anything. Any time.
  17. Never make lists of rules.


So.  Damned.  True.  And far better articulated than I ever could have managed.  We all need reminders like these sometimes.  The Internet is really damned amazing, but it’s not real life.  Things work differently here and I think it does us good (well, I know it does me good) to be reminded of that fact.  This world in here is supposed to be a tool to make life out there better.  I think we lose sight of that fact, sometimes. (Well, again, I know I do.)

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