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Iran Backing Unrest in Yemen?

There was an awesome interview last night on the BBC’s World Service with the Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi of Yemen.  In discussing the political unrest in the Northern part of Yemen (a nation that’s been a federated whole for less than 20 years), al-Qirbi asserted that the anti-government elements in the north were supported by certain “official” elements in the Shia government in Iran.  Could Iran be fueling cessationist violence in Yemen?  If so, what do they gain?  America’s making noise to the effect that Al’Qaeda might take a foothold in Yemen.  I, for one, would be surprised if they don’t have one already.

If Iran is meddling in Northern Yemen, it raises the questions of to what extent and to what end. I’m intrigued, and inclined to believe al-Qirbi, but I’m at a lost to imagine what Iran stands to gain from a Yemeni civil war.

Interesting times in the Middle East . . .

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