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Well sure, kill them, but don’t be mean about it.

I’m about as certain an opponent of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as one can find. Coalition forces shouldn’t be in either country, and the sooner we can safely withdraw troops, the better. In the meantime, however, it would do everyone some good if folks on the home front were reminded that these wars are, in fact, actual wars.

Case in point: a member of the British military recently cut the head off of a Taliban warlord and brought it back to his superiors. He did this not out of bloodlust or to take a trophy, but for the very sensible reason that he’d been asked to find this man, kill him, and provide proof of a positive ID. Taking the head was not an act of barbarism, but rather an expedient way for the soldier to provide that ID.

People are apparently upset about this. They say that it’s disrespectful to the Muslim Taliban. The same sort of people who have no problem “supporting the troops” as they get sent to the third world to get shot at apparently have an issue with it when those troops do the mission they were sent there to do. I would have thought that this was hypocrisy, but apparently the term for it these days is “cultural sensitivity”.

For those people, I believe that the definitive response re: the head-lopping Gurkha can be found here.

Take home quote:


Put another way: If you’re going to support sending your countrymen off to war, don’t be surprised when you find that they’re engaged in warfare. If this idea disturbs you, then do whatever it takes to make sure they don’t get sent off to war in the first place.

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